I'm David,
Founder of Van De Geest Building

It was fifteen years ago when I first swung a hammer and started learning the trade from the ground up!

Eight years later, in 2011, I started Van De Geest Building as a contract-builder to volume home builders.
A common theme kept happening which struck me. There was this real lack of connection between clients and building companies.

I decided to change this...
Van De Geest Building was then turned into a direct new-home builder with a client centric focus, where communication is high and you, the new home owner, come first!

Helping owners go from a concept to a finished home and handing over their keys is priceless! The excitement clients have at every stage is what drives me to provide the best new-home build experience.

At Van De Geest Building, I want you, the owner, to feel your new home and you personally, are valued with the upmost respect. We're totally invested in this journey with you and I'm excited to help you get that new home!

Why build with us?

We're Certified Builders

Being Certified builders means that as a company we have had to pass the highest New Zealand building standards before we could offer you as our client the best Building Contracts and  Guarantees available. There are also lots of other benefits for our clients including great deals with multiple suppliers on appliances etc..

You're insured from the start

Before a layer of soil turned your project will be insured.
Insurance is a legal requirement on any building in New Zealand So we provide total peace of mind with the best building insurance in conjunction with the 10 Year Transferable Halo Guarantee so that you can build in confidence.

10 Year Guarantee included

Because we are a member of New Zealand Certified Builders Association (NZCB). This guarantee is the best of its kind in New Zealand and is independent. That means if something happens to your builder, or even to the Certified Builders Association itself, the Guarantee still stands.

We're Licensed Building Practitioners

Being licensed provides you with an assurance that the practitioner has shown they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet government-backed national standards. Building practitioner number: BP106365

We value your unique needs

Here at Van De Geest Building we value each client and there needs. We have plans ready to be detailed and sent into council with a very fast turn around to get your new home under way.
Each plan is 100% customisable to suit your needs.
We also do complete new designs and builds which covers all of your unique needs.

We give Frequent updates

When you build with us we give you at least one weekly update on your build progress, keeping you well informed.
The reason for this regular update is that we like our clients to feel involved in building their future and most of all assuring you that everything is on track and being completed to the highest standard possible.

We take quality, seriously

Quality the one aspect that is very often lost in bigger company's. We are a smaller company with a lot of pride in our workmanship and being a smaller company means we have the very best quality control and my building licence personally is on all of our builds to guarantee you peace of mind.

Our Clients Come First

With Van De Geest Building, each client is held with the up most respect and priority with every decision made being a team effort. This ensures we give complete transparency throughout the build process, so that you are part of building your dream. Part of this is that we are always there to answer questions and to make your new home build experience an enjoyable one!

Transferable Guarantee

Your Guarantee moves with your property. So, if you sell inside the 10 year time period, the Guarantee can be transferred to the new owner. This has the potential of adding extra return on your investment and peace of mind for the new owner. When you build with an approved member of New Zealand Certified Builders, you’re protected by New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10 year building guarantee – Halo.


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4 reasons to build with us

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Quality is Important to us.

A high quality finish is included with every Van De Geest new home. We love building and our clients always come first...always.

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Complete Project Management.

We take care of all the council consents, engineers, architects and paper work. From start to finish, you will only need to talk with us!

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Our Homes are Guaranteed.

Full cover Insurance is included with every Van De Geest new home, protecting your investment with our extensive Halo 10 year New Build Guarantee.

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Because We Care About You.

Clients always come first at Van De Geest Building. Because of this, our clients are generous with their comments and referrals.

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